Road Rules: Canada


Debut Season

= The Island

Members: Dizzy (final)
Elite (won)
Mason (final)
Miller (final)
Ranks (won)
Mission Wins = 77
Eliminations = 57 (34 wins, 23 loses)
Money Won =  #


Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Dizzy Besties, Free Agents, Rivals, The Gauntlet, The Circus None $15,000
Elite Battlefield, The Gauntlet, The Oasis, The Circus Gauntlet $117,388
Mason The Island, Cutthroat, Besties, Rivals, Invasion, Lifelines II, The Circus None $20,000
Miller Battle Of The Seasons, Rivals, All For One, Lifelines II, The Circus, None $50,000
Ranks The Island, The Duel, Lifelines, Showdown, Cutthroat, Besties, Free Agents, Battle Of The Seasons, Battlefield, Rivals, Invasion, All For One, Lifelines II, The Ruins, The Olympics, The Circus, Bloodlust, Cutthroat, Lifelines II, The Circus $415,000
Challenge in bold indicates that the contestant was a finalist on the Challenge.